65286_10151203373131975_1954006416_nSo we recently had an excellent weekend in Bristol playing a show for the fantastic Big Pink Cake.  The weather had been threatening to ruin everything but it was a great show with Lisa Bouvier and Horowitz.  We were also incredibly well looked after by Mel and Brian (of indie pop band Peru fame).

The next day we rolled up to Rocker’s house and recorded 4 tracks and an exclusive jingle with him for his Dandelion Radio show.  We recorded “Make Luv” from the new EP at break neck speed and then 3 new tracks (“White Socks”, “Words” and “Koko”) that may or may not end up on the new record which we will hopefully be recording over Easter with our new pal Simon from Soup Studios.

You’ll be able to hear the Radio Session on Rocker’s show next month and there are plans for it to be released as a download on his label Local Underground.


Last weekend we also played our first London show of the new year for Oddbox Records with our good friends Fever Dream and the excellent Tyrannosaurus Dead.  Another fantastic show and we’re looking forward to doing more in the future with both bands.  Unfortunately an accident on the M1 put a stop to our planned song writing afternoon before the show, but dates for recording are in the calendar and we are now looking forward to playing again in Leeds and London over the coming weeks.


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